How To Create and Submit a Sitemap to Google

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The Google Sitemaps XML tells Google and other search engines about the pages on your site. It also tells Google and other search engines which pages have recently been updated. This assists search engines in keeping their index up to date with your website’s content. This blog runs through the steps needed to create an XML and then explains the process of submitting it to google.

XML is an important part of SEO for all businesses. If you want your business to stay in the top rankings then your sitemap needs to be in the best possible shape. This blog will look at how to create and submit your XML sitemap to Google and Bing.

This blog serves as a starting point for those looking to create their own XML. It will hopefully provide enough information to get you started, and then can be used as a reference guide as you progress.

XML Sitemap vs HTML Sitemap

There are two types of sitemaps: HTML sitemap (XML sitemap) and robots.txt. HTML sitemap is a file that contains a list of links to all the pages of your website. It is usually placed in the root directory of your website. Search engines use it to know about your website and improve its ranking. XML  is an improved version of HTML  and is used by search engines to index your website.

You need to submit your XML sitemap to Google by using the Webmaster Tools. The XML sitemap contains up-to-date information about the new pages and changes in content on your website. Unlike HTML , XML sitemap is not static. You need to submit your XML  to Google by using the Webmaster Tools. Google will pick up your XML sitemap from the Google Webmaster tool and uses these links to crawl your site.

Google uses XML-based sitemaps in addition to HTML  to index your site. An HTML is what’s submitted to the search engines by default. However, an XML sitemap is strongly recommended for sites with more than 100,000 pages or for sites that use dynamic URLs. XML can be submitted to Google webmaster tools. To do this, you’ll need to create an XML and submit that as an XML. URL in the section of your Google Webmaster Tools account.

How To Find My Sitemap URL in WordPress

There are multiple ways to find an XML  in wordpress. If you have an SEO plugin in your WordPress website then you don’t need to worry about how to create a in XML. The SEO plugin automatically creates your website. Here is the question you way asked about how to find my URL WordPress. The simple way to find the sitemap URL is to open your website link and just add sitemap.xml at end of your domain name like to check the XML sitemap.

How to Submit a Sitemap to Google

XML Sitemaps have become more and more important recently. If your website isn’t on Google’s first page, then you are losing money. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that everything you can do to get traffic to your site is in place. And one of the most important things you can do is submit an XML  to Google.

It is a good practice to submit an XML  of your site to Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) to let Google know which URL is on your site. XML  can help Google to crawl your site more easily. And if you are not doing any SEO, you can submit an XML  to Google as a hint to Google to check your site and make sure your site is not penalized by Google.

You can create an XML sitemap from your Google Webmaster account. To do this, log into your Google Webmaster account, click on the tools option, and select sitemaps from the drop-down menu. You’ll see a box with a “submit a sitemap” button along with a box where you can paste your XML code. Copy and paste your XML  code into the box and click submit. It will be submitted to Google for crawling and indexing your website pages.


These days, there are many search engines competing for your viewers’ searches. It is important for search engines to be able to index your website, so they can provide your viewers with the best experience possible. However, if a search engine cannot find your website, they will not be able to provide your viewers with the best experience possible. It is important to submit your website to search engines, so they can find it and index it. A sitemap is a good way to tell search engines about the contents of your website so that they can find it and index it.

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