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How to Make Money in the Entertainment Industry?

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.The entertainment industry may seem like an easy way to make money, but there’s much more than glitz and glamour involved. In fact, it can take years of hard work and perseverance to get your own production company off the ground or even to land your first gig as an actor or singer. But it doesn’t have to be hard! This article from the entertainment business experts at Sparkplug Media gives you 10 tips on how you can make money in the entertainment industry, so you can put yourself in a position to achieve success without having to rely on luck alone.

5 Ways To Earn Money As A Singer/Songwriter

1) Sell your own songs

The best way to make money in the entertainment industry. As a songwriter is by selling your own music and getting paid royalties every time it’s played on the radio streamed online, or downloaded from iTunes. It may not be easy, but this is how most professional musicians are able to support themselves with their art. If you’re just starting out, don’t give up if you can’t get an agent or find a label interested in your music; there are other ways of earning revenue with songs like self-producing and promoting yourself through social media platforms and live performances.

2)Create T-Shirts

The easiest way to make money in the entertainment industry with your t-shirts is by creating limited edition and exclusive designs that you can sell on your website or at conventions. This will help you stand out from other T-shirt companies, but it takes more work upfront since you need to come up with a design and make the shirts before you can start selling them.

If you want a simpler process. Try getting your shirt designs print on demand through sites like Redbubble or Teespring. These sites allow anyone to upload their own design. Sell it without having any upfront cost or risk of inventory storage and disposal (since they print what people order). The downside is that these sites take a cut of all sales (usually 10%), so your margins are lower if you go this route.

3)Sell Music On iTunes

There are a variety of ways you can make money by selling music on iTunes, including iTunes’ In-App Purchase section, where you can sell individual songs or albums; the Complete My Album section, which allows buyers to purchase an entire album with a single click; and Album Only, which lets buyers purchase individual songs from your album. You’ll also want to make sure that your music is correctly tagged. So it’s searchable on iTunes and other platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

4)Make YouTube Videos

It’s never been easier to make money on YouTube, with about one million people on the platform each day watching videos for at least 20 minutes. Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet or want to make a living from your YouTube channel, there are more ways than ever about making money in the entertainment industry from your videos.
Here are some of them:
1) AdSense 
Google AdSense is an advertising network that allows creators like you and me to monetize our content by displaying ads that generate revenue on our YouTube channels and websites (including blogs).
All we have to do is sign up for an AdSense account and link it with our YouTube channel or website, and then Google will automatically start delivering ads based on what we publish.
2) Partner Programs
Signing up as a partner program on YouTube will allow you to collect 55% of the net advertising revenue generated from pre-roll ads.
3) Affiliate Marketing
There are affiliate programs out there that allow you to drive traffic and sales to particular products or services.
4) Merchandise Sales
If your fans enjoy what they see, they might be willing to pay money for some merchandise with your logo on it!
5) Kickstarter Campaigns
Let’s say you have an idea for a new product…
6) Crowdfunding
You may be able to raise funds through Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns. Which helps you bring fresh ideas into reality. Without having any investors involved.

Sing Karaoke For Fun

Karaoke is a great way to make money in the entertainment industry, have fun, meet new people, and potentially make some extra money. You can do it anywhere there are karaoke machines or you can use apps like Sing! Karaoke on your mobile device. It’s fun and easy, so why not? Plus, if you’re going out drinking with friends anyway. Then why not get paid while doing something that you would’ve done anyways? If this sounds good to you. Then start by downloading an app and setting up a profile. Make sure that all of your information including age and city is listed accurately. So others can find you more easily.

Once set up with an account, just scroll through all of the songs that other users have uploaded to see if any of them catch your interest – download them onto the app by clicking buy. The next time you’re at a bar or pub with karaoke night, try singing one of those songs from your phone!

Some ways to make money

Here are some ways you can make money in the entertainment industry:
1) Sell your talents
If you have a talent, there are many people who will buy it from you. such as acting classes, singing lessons, and speaking engagements.
2) Write
Whether it’s a book or a blog post, if you have something valuable to say, people will pay for it.
3) Be creative
One way to stand out and possibly even make money is through creativity. whether this is a blog post series or an original song on iTunes.
4) Produce content 
Another way to monetize your time spent online is by producing content that others find valuable. You may be able to monetize blogging by taking sponsorship deals or advertising placement on your website.
5) Create products 
There are so many opportunities for making a product like books, t-shirts, mugs and more with designs that represent something you love (or sell).
The best part about these types of products is they only require time and effort but not much cash investment up front.
6) Market products 
A lot of companies hire people just to market their products. Because they know that word-of-mouth marketing goes a long way!

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