Nintendo Switch Not Turning On

Why Nintendo Switch Not Turning On?

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Nintendo Switch owners reported that they have been unable to turn on their consoles. After exhausting all troubleshooting options and every fix in the book. The Nintendo Switch not turning on the problem seems to be affecting both new and old Nintendo Switch consoles from all around the world, so if your console won’t turn on, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Read more about its problem,  causes, and potential fixes below.

If you are having problems with your diet

When Nintendo Switch Not Turning on, The Nintendo Switch has an internal power supply. If you’re having trouble with your power supply, it might be broken or disconnected. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Remove the back panel of your Nintendo switch. Just by pressing the release buttons on the back of the device and sliding off the panel.
  • Locate the USB-C port that connects to your console and plug in your power adapter into it. Plug in a micro-USB cable from your power adapter to a wall socket.
  • Check that all connection points are secure and make sure everything is plugged in correctly.
  • If you’re still having issues after trying these steps, please contact customer support for additional assistance.

Is the dock damaged?

The Nintendo Switch dock is the piece that connects your console to your TV. It means that if the dock is damaged, it may be causing several problems. If your console won’t turn on, there are a few things you can do.

For starters, try plugging it into an outlet in another room and see if that works. If not, you might need to replace the dock entirely. Thankfully, Nintendo has made this process easy for customers. where you can fill out some information and mail the damaged part back to them for repair or replacement. Hopefully, once you have sent the dock back to Nintendo they will send you a new one within just a few days!

Is there an issue with the charging cable or USB port on your system?

  • Step one :

 Try plugging your Nintendo Switch into a different power outlet. If you are already plugged into a different power outlet, try unplugging the power cable from the wall and then replugging it back in. If the system still doesn’t turn on after trying these steps, go to step two.

  •  Step Two :

          Check to make sure that your Nintendo Switch is charged by plugging it into an outlet or connecting it to a charger for at least three hours. After charging for three hours, remove the USB cord from the device and press and hold down on both sides of the Home button on the left side of your system until you see an animation that indicates that your console is restarting. A quick note about Nintendo’s warranty: please keep in mind that all hardware warranties exclude any issues arising from acts of God, misuse, customer tampering, or unauthorized modifications.

The last thing we recommend doing before sending your console in for repair is to perform a System Transfer using the included Joy-Con controllers. The System Transfer will move all of your data onto another system so that you can use it while yours is being repaired. To do this, go to System Settings and select Transfer Your User, and Save Data.

Troubleshooting complete!

If your Nintendo Switch is not turning on, try these steps:

  • Charge the battery by plugging it into a power source.
  • Connect the AC adapter to the USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the console and then connect it to an outlet. 
  • Wait for at least three hours for a charge. 
  • If charging does not work, make sure you are using a compatible battery pack with USB Type-C connectors. 
  • To replace the batteries, use a screwdriver to remove six screws from the back cover of the console.
  • Remove two small Phillips head screws from the face plate holding down your game card slot. Lift on the game card slot and pull out the battery panel. Remove all four batteries (by pulling them away from their terminals) and reinsert them properly (+ side facing up). Then put everything back together again.


If you encounter any of these problems, don’t worry.

There are a few steps you can take to try and diagnose the issue and get your system back up and running. 

1st : 

Make sure that your console is plugged in – sometimes it can appear as if it’s not powering on when it just needs more juice. If that doesn’t work, try turning off the console and then unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds before plugging it back in and trying again.

Lastly :

If none of those things worked for you, make sure that your controller battery isn’t dead by switching out with a charged one or plugging in the charging cable to give them some life. Good luck! And remember, Nintendo has a support website where you can find answers to common questions about the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, there are always members of the Nintendo Support team online who would love to help you figure out what’s going wrong with your console! They’re open Monday-Friday from 10 AM-7 PM EST and Saturdays from 11 AM-4 PM EST so you should have no problem reaching someone. The Nintendo Switch is an amazing product but that means when something goes wrong with it we need to fix it right away so nobody misses out on their favorite game or show! The sooner we identify our issues, the sooner they’ll be resolved.

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